Ross WILLOUGHBY studied theoretical physics and power engineering at the University of New South Wales between 1976 and 1980.  He has worked in the power industry and with transformers since 1981, initially as a transformer Design Engineer in Sydney, a transformer asset manager in Hobart, a  Senior Technical Expert with General Electric and their predecessors (Alstom, AREVA) in Brisbane, Australia from 2001 to 2020, working in transformer service.  He has extensive experience with transformer asset management up to and including 550kV class.

He was a member of CIGRE working group A2.34 on transformer maintenance (and the editor of TB 445), a member of CIGRE working group A2.49 on transformer condition assessment, and is convenor of CIGRE working group A2.58 on installation and pre-commissioning.

EXPERTISE: Power Transformer Engineering, Fault Diagnosis, & Condition Assessments

Transformer Asset Management
– Specifications and procurement
– CM & diagnostic testing of transformers
– witnessing/inspections
– refurbishment
– condition monitoring
– failure investigation
– report writing (internal and external)
– project mgt and contract mgt
Maintenance of switchyard assets.
Condition monitoring, life assessment and fault analysis.
Testing of EHV plant, interpretation of results.
High voltage technology.