Ray is a consultant in Power Transformer Engineering. He has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing power transformers and owner/operator of power transformers.

Strong experience with Powerlink Queensland after 16 years’ service in the areas of HV transformer/reactive plant procurement (including writing specifications, contract administration, factory audits, design reviews, FAT/SAT) HV substation design, HV substation maintenance engineer, testing, training staff, failure investigations and emergency replacements. HV plant includes power transformers to 1500MVA 330kV, circuit breakers, instrument transformers, SVCs 240MVAR, capacitor banks 140MVAR, shunt reactors 100MVAR, for use in over 140 HV substations from Brisbane to Cairns. Development of new work procedures and purchase of tools and equipment.

Expertise (15 years at GEC/Alstom Power Transformer Division Rocklea) in the design, manufacture, test and site commissioning of power transformers up to 400kV and 510MVA for generation, transmission, distribution, industrial, mining and infrastructure organizations. Roles included Power Transformer Test Manager, Production Manager(staff 160), Design/Development Engineering Manager (staff of 18 engineers/technicians).

– Skilled in training/mentoring electrical engineers and trades.
– Lectures at Queensland University of Technology on Power Transformer Short Course (for over 10 years).
– Previously at the Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre (TIC), Queensland University developing CPD transformer training courses and coordinating research for the TIC’s academic staff as well as meeting the needs of the TIC sponsors.

Specialities Include:
1) Procurement of power transformers, distribution transformers, earthing transformers, shunt reactors, SVC transformers, distribution transformers, HV shunt capacitor banks, series reactors.
2) Specifications
3) Design reviews, factory inspections
5) Contract management
6) Rating upgrades
7) Routine/emergency maintenance
8) Failure investigation, risk/life assessments.